Applying to icon incar: five easy steps


Applying to work here is simple. Here’s a brief overview of the five consecutive steps:

  1. You sent your application via email to
    Our first reaction is ‘Yay!’. After all, we like meeting new people! Please make sure to briefly tell us which role you are applying for. Also, include a link to your work or a PDF with some work examples and your resume.

  2. Now the whole process is set in motion
    Markus closely reviews your application and passes it on internally to our team leader. Here’s a pro tip: Our day is pretty full with crazy projects. It’s important for us to see how awesome you are at a glance. Don’t include thousands of projects in your portfolio – just the best ones! A few sentences about how and why you design, conceptualize or program gives us insight into how you think.

  3. We reach out and schedule a phone call
    If Markus gets positive feedback from the team, he writes you and sets up a phone call. Markus fires away a few questions to get to know you better. Typically, we also use the call as an opportunity to schedule a meeting in person with you at one of our studios. You receive a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for you to sign and take along with you to the meeting.

  4. Our first in-person meeting: we try to convince you!
    Now the excitement really begins. We meet for the first time and try to convince you about what we do! Ultimately, you don’t know that much about icon incar because everything is so secretive. Ergo the NDA. Our meeting lasts for an hour or two and aims to give both you and us a good feeling. We can also provide more details about our intentions. Of course, there’s also time to discuss any requests you have and answer your questions.

  5. Our offer
    If all goes well, we get in touch a few days later and make you a formal offer in the form of a draft contract. We might have a phone once or twice to clarify any questions, but then everything should be in the bag!

We look forward to receiving your application and to giving you a closer look at our unique work!