We are a Design Consultancy. Partner for research and development. And one team.

Design Consultancy

You may have heard the rumors: we regularly move offices so we have space for an even bigger kitchen. Ok, we admit it’s actually true, but the fact is we were a little surprised by our own success over the last few years. And instead of succumbing to grandeur we chose to be overly modest.

When, at the end of 2007, we started off with five employees, we all but fully threw ourselves at pure visual design. Our new approaches, born out of brand development rather than classic automotive design, allowed us to score points with numerous clients. Especially because we never lost sight of the technical and legal framework that make our design tasks so unique and complex. Clients quickly became excited about exploring more with us and accepted us as a real partner who enriches their internal know-how while also being allowed to scrutinize it with a critical eye. The first generation of the fully digital instrument cluster and an entire line of still current infotainment systems emerged during this time.

This first learning phase was incredibly valuable and benefited us in one way that we appreciate today more than ever. As development periods get shorter and shorter and mounting pressure from other sectors burdens automotive OEMs, you need an extremely good knowledge base to reach sustainable, disruptive results within the set project timeline.

Our success is largely based on the phenomenal know-how we acquired at icon incar. And that’s not simply by chance. We’ve long looked to up-and-comers who learn by working alongside our agency’s experienced team, with our clients and from intensive academic work. When hiring new faces, it’s essential you’re a perfect fit for the team and you must have a high degree of empathy. We are not competing against each other: our tasks are too daunting to be solved by a one (wo)man show.

As a result, we have a multicultural, internationally networked team with a wide range of various specialties. Today we are no longer purely a UX design agency. Without loosing sight of our design roots, we have transformed into a research and development partner who thinks and acts holistically.

Today we can tackle projects of any size at any location. Our competencies cover the entire value chain from strategy and process consulting to UX design to finished, drivable show cars. Interdisciplinary teams are a given, tangible prototypes are our most prized communication medium.

Our close connection with iconmobile group ensures projects from other sectors routinely enrich our automotive glasses. Among other things, this method of ‘designer hygiene’ might lead us to design a stove to help everyone become a better chef.