Hollywood on the Lake

The Villa d’Este belongs to one of the most notable automotive events in the world. Collectors and enthusiasts present some of their finest vintage cars in the world set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Como, Italy. Alongside 51 historic cars spanning eight decades of automotive history, some OEM’s present their vision into the future. This year’s motto of the Concorso d’Eleganza was “Hollywood on the Lake”. The selection of cars featured all eras of vehicle and film history. 

First the cars are presented on the lawn, where judges walk around inspecting the cars respective to their class. Judges are identified wearing light pants, dark blazers and light straw hats. Typically roaming the field evaluating which car gets which prize – such as most sensitive restoration, best iconic car, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship, most exciting design, furthest distance travelled and so on. Later on the cars proceed to drive past the judges for the final presentation and award ceremony. This tends to be the highlight of the event as all eyes are on the rolling car, including judges such as Sir Jony Ive.

Purists and true petrolheads are considered a rather small percentage in the automotive sector, however they are very significant for the DNA and character of a brand. The ancestry of a car brand is what makes it what it is today. The beauty of the automobile industry is that each brand has something different to offer. BMWs are vehicles that offer sheer driving pleasure – driver focused, dynamic handling and sporty design. A Mercedes-Benz sets it’s bets on safety, engineering and comfort. Audis tend to be advanced through technology. And so on. Even though todays cars are much closer and comparable in terms of technology and standards, their DNA still trickles through and makes them what they are. It is why people buy certain brands and models, even if the reasons are subconscious. Some want sportiness, some want practicality and some want waftability. Villa d’Este is an occasion that brings people together from all over the world to embrace the heritage of all kinds of automotive brands. It is at events like these that one notices how much passion is floating between the people.