Our expertise: Automotive User Experience Design

Automotive User Experience Design

One of the questions we hear most is “Who does icon incar work for?”. Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting an answer, but we disclose very few, if any, of our success stories. Why? Because our work is closely interwoven with that of our clients. In the pre-development phase, we collaborate directly with design departments, meaning we are close to a company’s heart and soul. This is where product innovations and future roadmaps are developed. And an uncontrolled flow of information can negatively impact the future of an entire enterprise. That’s why ‘confidential’ is no joke around here, to protect our clients and ourselves equally.

Still, we’d like to give you a small glimpse at our work – even if it’s pretty generic. Our agency focuses on user experience design and mobility projects. However, we differentiate between strategy, innovation and projects for mass production.

An example of one of our strategy projects is process design

We help our clients optimize their operations and development processes related to UX design to be quicker and more secure. Research projects also fall under this part of our work. Again here our offer is broad and includes competitive analyses as well as gaining insight into other sectors.

One topic we have been devoted to for some time now are mobility ecosystems. Here, we look at mobility related services in conjunction with other sectors and clients with the target of developing new business models. Dealing with large amounts of data, and business and tech know-how make up a crucial part of this. Tapping into iconmobile group’s know-how and global client network allows us to be pioneers in this field.

Innovation projects are just as diverse

On the one hand we do proactive work on creating our own ideas (think: Buzzwords like augmented reality, automated driving and smart interactive.) Watson, Cortana and Alexa are thus close family friends. Additionally, we create and build internal concept cars and Sitzkisten for our clients. Sometimes to review past generations of mass-produced HIMs, but also to gain insight for future interaction concepts. If a fully-digital windshield doesn’t exist, we’ll build one.

Last but not least, our show cars fall under our innovation projects category. Our indispensible partner IDEENION Automobil is responsible for the entire construction and hardware part. Working together, we can build everything from ebikes to drivable cars in assembly-line quality. Fully connected and with functional interfaces, of course.

Mass production projects

Expressed in hours logged, the bulk of our work is comprised of mass production projects. Along with our clients, we design and develop entire HMI systems. This includes: digital information clusters, infotainment systems, air conditioning displays, rear seat entertainment systems and connected apps that enable ‘remote’ control of a vehicle. Mass production takes around one to three years and involves all our disciplines. Conceptual design, visual design, motion design, prototyping and design management must all work hand in hand to tackle the incredible complexity we face.

Ultimately, our work deals with one of the most complex design challenges of our time. Yes, a car is in fact a mobile device, but it is subject to many restrictions. While you can devote the majority of your attention to your smartphone, you only give 5% max to your car. Internationally binding regulations like NHTSA, AAM or ESOP must also be respected. After all, we design for a field that can potentially be involved in fatalities. Instead of seeing all this as limiting, we view it as an exciting challenge.

Our years of experience is highly valued by our clients with whom we are already thinking about the future 10 or 15 years down the road.

Actually we’re already designing it.