For the third year running, we welcomed a record number of visitors at our studio in Munich. Once again, it was the place to be on Friday night during MCBW. So much so that fifteen minutes before the official start, we opened our doors so that the attendees didn’t have to break them down.

What do the Lucky Cat and Stars & Stripes have in common? And what does Automotive User Experience has to do with ISO 9241-210? What is Pecha Kucha anyway, and what does “Icon Ingwer” taste like? With these very questions, we baited our clients, partners, friends, ex-colleagues and future talents along with designers of all kinds and party-goers. And boy, did it work! Most questions were answered in our three Lightning Talks. With the exception of the Icon Ginger one: that was something visitors had to try for themselves.

Before and after the talks our guests could explore some of our showcases, use cases and prototypes – live and in person. Perched on our seating buck, they competed against one another on tracks of international repute, striving for a spot on the list of high scorers. Art enthusiasts sat for Makelangelo©, the painting robot, while women and men alike had the structure and health of their hair tested in the Salon of the Future. You could also direct an armada of waving kitties, process a piece of work in mixed reality using the HoloLens, and battle it out on our hacked foosball table. The toughest of the bunch proved their strength and speed by facing off with the digital punching ball. If all this wasn’t enough, you could simply drink, eat and dance in the icon incar club among a light installation we programed in house. And that’s how we ended up chatting, laughing and partying late into the night…

Dear visitors: Thank you for coming and transforming our workplace into a place for exchange. Thank you for oohing and awing with us, for thinking and celebrating. Our dear icons: Thank you so much for your hard work before, during and after the event. You made it one of a kind!