icon incar join vr days at HTWG Konstanz

VR days

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are disruptive technologies which will massively change the way we will deal with User Experience in the upcoming years.

Since pioneering in all UX topics is one of the great drivers for us at icon incar, we already gathered lots of experience with VR and AR technologies in our projects. Therefore we were happy that Professor Jo Wickert from the HTWG University of Applied Sciences Konstanz invited icon incar to the first “OneDay_VR” conference, which was held at the university on February 21st 2017. Gunter Sterr (Director Automotive UX at icon incar) and Nina Marquardt (student at HTWG and currently writing her Bachelor thesis at icon incar) took part at the “OneDay_VR” event in Konstanz and were able to bring in their knowledge and experience.

Just like icon incar the HTWG Konstanz has dealt with VR and AR for quite some time now. At the conference, several topics like VR/AR hardware, interdisciplinary work between designers and developers or ethical questions that will emerge in a VR world were thematized. Students of the design and computer science departments presented impressive Virtual Reality projects they had been working on during the past semester.

Gunter also took part in a panel discussion which closed the event in the afternoon. Together with representatives of the university, journalists and digital entrepreneurs he discussed how working in a world in which VR and AR are a commonplace will look like. Gunter pointed out that the work of an automotive UX designer will definitely not be obsolete in such a future world. On the contrary, new jobs and requirements for UX designers will arise. Espe AR will open up new possibilities to enhance the product and service experience of automotive brands – inside and outside of the car. Augmented interfaces will give us new opportunities to display complex information and will provide a new way to interact with it. At icon incar we are perfectly prepared for those future challenges.

The “OneDay-VR” conference in Konstanz was a great event which was perfectly organized by Professor Wickert and his team. Thank you for inviting us! We are looking forward to be part of it again the next time.

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