First-hand experience: I was a UI design intern in Munich

Praktikum UI Designer

Hi, my name is Nina. I just finished a six-month internship at icon incar. Here I’ve reviewed my time at the agency to give you an inside look at what it’s like. From the start, icon incar welcomed me with open arms. I came across the agency by chance when they gave a talk at my university. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I decided to travel to Munich to find out more about the company. During my interview I realized it was the right place for my internship semester. 

First impressions

My first few weeks were mainly spent getting to know the team at the Munich office. Every day, different groups of people cooked lunch for everyone in the big kitchen. Overall, the atmosphere was pleasant, laid-back and friendly; I actually never felt like an intern. In general, I guess my supervisor treated me more like a regular employee than like an intern. Of course, there were occasions where I got less exciting tasks, but I never got only boring intern work. And when I needed help, there was always someone nearby I could ask.

I first joined the app team who I worked with on designing screens. Later, I closely collaborated with the team in creating elements for series production.


One great thing about icon incar is that you are immediately treated as an equal and viewed as part of the team. The company’s flat hierarchies mean you are quickly held accountable for different projects with different supervisors. I especially enjoyed making a big impact on the evolution of icon incar’s corporate image. This included the website re-launch and the Open Studio Event with an exhibition where we welcomed 350 guests as part of the Munich Creative Business Week 2017.

icon incar outside its own four walls

Employees here get along so well that they enjoy spending time together after work. My first time at the Oktoberfest was with my co-workers. I also hung out on the rooftop terrace until 7 am after our housewarming party, went to concerts of co-workers who moonlight as singers/songwriters and traveled by bus to Berlin for the iconmobile Christmas party. Of course, there was also a Christmas party at icon incar in Munich…

My research project

Strict non-disclosure agreements mean I can’t share too much about the project I worked on during my time here. But this much I can say: It was so much fun to be part of a small, kind team that explored the future of mobility using the latest technologies. From December on I was part of a five-person research team that impressed me so much I decided to write my Bachelor’s thesis on the subject at icon incar.

Looking back I realize how much self-confidence I gained during my semester-long internship at icon incar. It was definitely the right decision for me to take a look at the niche market of automotive user interface design.