Happy birthday

Exactly 10 years, 11 hours and 15 minutes ago, four people built up four desks in a small office in the suburbs of Ingolstadt. It was the beginning of a great journey.

A small giant was born with the idea to conquer the automotive industry. The term “user experience” was fresh in everybody’s mind, the first iPhone just landed on planet earth and everything started to change. An industry that used to be a slow-moving behemoth had to evolve into an agile and forward thinking provider of mobility within no time.

icon incar did not only participate in this exciting transition, but we were one of the key players driving it. The first digital instrument cluster, the first realtime 3D UI, the first connected App, the first automotive eco system and many more “first firsts” were created by a group of awesome people – the icon incar crew and the great talent we have gathered in the entire iconmobile universe.

I am super proud of what we all achieved in these 10 years. We grew from a design agency in a 50sqm office working in stealth mode to an international organization, that performs at the highest level and competes with just the best. On top of that, we were able to preserve our flavor of a supportive community with people full of dedication.

Let’s make the next 10 years as enjoyable and successful as the previous ones! We are definitely ready for it.