„From Syntax to Context“: Kate Fischer spricht auf der UX Connect London

UX connect

Why is talking to my car so annoying? Sometimes Siri really gets on my nerves. Alexa? Well, she goes nuts every now and then. Getting lost in the stubborn voice control syntax matrices in today’s state-of-the art vehicles points to a new field of work that nobody’s focused on yet. And presents a new riddle for UX designers to solve.

During her talk, Kate Fischer, UX Designer at icon incar, guides us through the status quo of talking cars and introduces the challenges conversational in-car interfaces face when data, algorithms and AI drive technology. She also shares her very personal belief in the human approach. Machines, Kate is sure, will learn our language, not us theirs. Interfaces will speak naturally and empathetically. She also touches on some of the ethical aspects that UX designer must bear in mind.

Kate has over five years of experience as a designer and engineer. A true believer in „less is more“ she always aims to reinvent good design where form meets the function, without too much visual chaos. She shares her experience in automotive interface design in her talk about how AI will shape the future of human-vehicle interaction. This includes car conversational systems, digital assistants, cloud computing and integration in cars. Her talk is certain to influence our perception about where smart cars are heading.

Tue, 18 Apr 2017, 6:00 PM