MARKUS ELSESSER: Contact person for applicants

Markus Elsesser

After six years of managing various design and development sectors at iconmobile in Berlin, Markus entered the automotive UX world at icon incar in April of 2011. He experienced rapid growth first-hand when the 18-person team in southern Germany became an international company with over 70 employees across five offices.

First and foremost, Markus and his team are responsible for people. This means he is in charge of finding new team members and is the person to contact for everything related to job applications.

We at icon incar are looking for a range of talented individuals with backgrounds in design, development and project management for our offices in Munich, Ingolstadt, Berlin, Detroit and Santa Monica.

Give him a call if you have questions about our vacancies or just shoot him an email.
Senior Director Operations
+49 841 13 8000