UX Summer Talks

When a company is spread out at different locations, it is important to get together now and then to meet new co-workers, discuss and simply spend time together. Especially when the world outside is evolving as rapidly as it is today. Speaking of the world: where else to host an event like this than smack dab in the middle of Germany, in Eisenach, a town in Thuringia. This year we slightly altered the format and went onstage with our own show, the UX Summer Talks.

The fully-day program was divided into three topics. In the first session, “Review”, a series of talks covered everything that has happened recently at our company and in the automotive industry. The idea behind the second session, called “New Perspectives”, was to look at our daily work from new points of view. This included seeing user experience design from a psychological perspective and from a brand perspective. The “Young Talents” perspective was especially lively and, in brief Pecha Kucha presentations, gave us a refreshing new look at things. After so much talk, the third and final session, “Tangible Experiences”, introduced intriguing, tangible, innovative prototypes we could test for ourselves. We brought HoloLens motorcycle seats, and Vive and Leap Motion to Eisenach, so people had the chance to touch and try them out. The fact that we also ate and partied together isn’t something we’ll go into great detail about here. What happens in Eisenach stays in Eisenach.