icon incar is a highly specializedDesign Consultancy forAutomotive User Interface,User Experience, Connectivityand Mobility Ecosystems.


icon incar is a highly specialized design consultancy for Automotive User Experience, Connectivity Concepts, Mobility Ecosystems and for Research and Development. As part of the iconmobile group, a consultancy for design, technology and innovation, icon incar is active at locations worldwide: in Berlin, Munich, Ingolstadt, Santa Monica, Detroit and Shanghai, with more than 120 employees.

Today we support projects of all sizes across all locations, for traditional OEMs as well as for EV start-ups, mostly directly in cooperation with the design departments of our clients. We cover the entire value chain from research & innovation through pre-development to series production.


“Gulden Design” started in 1975 as a design studio and family business that primarily helped Audi to gain ground against the established German brands Mercedes-Benz and BMW – by means of design. In these 40 years before the introduction of the digital interface in the vehicle and before the change of name to icon incar GmbH, the studio developed entire generations of instrument clusters, as well as the entire product graphics in the interior and exterior for various Audi models; among other things, icons such as the quattro lettering originate from Gulden. In addition, dozens of wristwatches, rims, steering wheels and labels were produced over the decades.

With the introduction of computer and desktop publishing, it was time for “Gulden Design” to change. Although pictograms, lettering and instrument clusters were still being designed, they were also increasingly being designed for purely digital displays – a development that led to the founding of icon incar GmbH in 2007.



We firmly believe that the only true way to push innovative projects and find solutions to today’s complex problems is through prototyping. “Proto Product” is what we call it. Prototyping means making. Testing. Discussing. Gain experience during the process and make decisions that can be directly incorporated into the further development of the process and the product.

This enables us to deliver concrete scenarios very quickly. The basic prerequisite for this is the close interlinking of design and technology. That’s why our interdisciplinary teams of concept developers, UX designers, visual designers, developers and project managers work hand in hand.

This light-footed and fast way of working is what our clients appreciate about us and what keeps our team alive. Innovations do not emerge in theory and through mere analyses, but are the result of creative processes.

icon incar is exactly where the future of mobility is invented.


Our “capital studio” in Berlin is our headquarters. Our international UX team works there for OEMs all over the world on the digital future of (auto) mobility, with strategic consulting, UI design and concept work up to tangible prototype implementations. The decades of automotive UX experience of Head of Studio Frank Hauschild together with the specialized know-how of the team accomplishes the seemingly impossible for the automotive industry. In just one year, we bring a system from the first line to series production for which three to four years were planned in the past.

We reside in Berlin together with our mother iconmobile. With their know-how, we can go far beyond the product experience. Rather, we jointly develop mobility concepts and ecosystems that link entire industries and lead to new disruptive business models.

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Our specialization in Automotive User Experience Design means that we work for customers all over the world. The nucleus of icon incar, however, lies undeniably in the provincial south of Germany, which, as the Berliners will surely recognize without envy, is the “cradle of the automobile”. Despite their international character, our locations in the south literally allow us to keep our feet on the ground. Our Munich studio is located in Schwabing and of course we profit from our location: You never have to go far to get to any place in Schwabing where there is something good to eat. In addition, we are in good company: between Milbertshofen and Oberwiesenfeld the concentrated automotive knowledge is settled.

Our studio in Munich is home to an interdisciplinary team of over 35 specialists: concept developers, UX designers, visual designers, motion designers, developers and project managers, with Wolfgang Gürteler as Head of Studio.

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The nucleus of icon incar lies in Ingolstadt. User interfaces, product graphics and prototypes have been created here for 40 years. Icons such as the quattro lettering or the first digital instrument cluster for the original quattro were created here in the 1980s. A team of over 30 employees works on projects for national and international customers. With our network in the field of electronics development, construction and model building we can cover an incredible range from simple prototypes to mobile showcars. Conception, design and software development interlock seamlessly.

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Detroit is a fascinating city. With incredible speed the traces of the last 30 years are removed there. The city centre pulsates with life and radiates a creative optimistic mood like Berlin in the 90s. There are great apartments for little money and a subculture that is unparalleled. Artists and designers from all over the world are part of this movement, which can only carry you away.

Detroit, the original home of the automotive industry and the place where over 70 percent of North American vehicle production takes place, is now THE place to be in the industry’s mood for new beginnings and for the future – and thus of course also for icon incar and the iconmobile group. With a team from all disciplines also we are part of Detroit 2.0, where intelligent vehicles and the mobility of the future are thought.



iconmobile and icon incar have been present in China since 2008 and develop exciting products for various industries in this highly dynamic market environment. Due to the ever increasing demand for automotive UX consulting and mobility ecosystems, we have decided to establish a local office in this exciting market and become part of the EV startup boom.

Shanghai is the perfect place for us to become active in Asia. Our office at Jing’An New Century Plaza is located in the heart of Jing’an, the historic and glamorous district in the heart of the city.

Together with iconmobile and our interdisciplinary team of UX experts, creative developers and cloud mobility services experts, we can offer a wide range of services. Both local and international customers have access to an equally experienced and passionate team that helps take products and brand experiences to the next level.



We feel extremely well positioned in the race to reinvent automobility: With one leg at the cradle of the automobile (through our locations in southern Germany), with the other one in California, the hotspot for UX and AI.

Besides Berlin, the Santa Monica office is the most important pillar of our parent company iconmobile. CEO and iconmobile founder Thomas Fellger built up the location personally, when he set off for California in 2004 with kith and kin, in order to start the iconmobile group with an international idea right from the start. Today, in our office between Santa Monica Boulevard and Colorado Avenue, with a 25-headed team of strategists, developers and UX designers we develop mobility ecosystems, apps and “seamless experiences” – and approach thereby the future of mobility from the other side: not out of the vehicle, but into the vehicle.