Adventures in traineeship at icon incar


Hi there, we are Julia and Vanessa and we just finished an indescribable first year as trainees at icon in car. Whew! So much happened over the last 12 months. Two Christmas parties, fluctuating room temperatures, one parking garage, one move, a ultra-modern new yet old office, one MCBW, one weekend-long workshop, … But let’s start at the beginning.


How the Adventure began

Both of us initially got in contact with icon incar through acquaintances who already worked here. After hearing nothing but positive things, we were curious to find out more, so we applied.

Julia: After finishing my bachelor degree in communication design, I could finally follow my desire to become a UX designer. So I set off on the long journey from Berlin to Ingolstadt. The interview was challenging, because I couldn’t uncover anything about the methodology and previous work of the company – at the time there wasn’t even a website. I showed up with many questions and lots of curiosity, and was nervous about our meeting. But when I saw they were laid-back and gave me a warm welcome, I was able to relax. In the interview, I got answers to most of my questions, my curiosity was piqued and my excitement grew because I really wanted the job. Luckily things worked out and since I didn’t have much experience in the automotive industry I started as a trainee.

Vanessa: While I was studying to become a product designer, I also had little contact with the digital world of the automotive industry. Thanks to a stroke of good luck, I, too, landed an interview in Ingolstadt. On the way there, I missed the bus, was drenched since it was raining cats and dogs and had to take a taxi, ultimately arriving half an hour ahead of schedule. Despite the chaotic trip to get there, I felt comfortable during the interview, which went well, and was able to concentrate on what counts. At the end of the day I had a good feeling and was delighted when I soon received an offer for a trainee role.


Impressions, Experiences, Adventures

On our first day at icon incar we kicked off our new careers. From the get-go, we were introduced to all the key topics and warmly welcomed by the very amicable team, which we were able to assist on projects. To familiarize ourselves when the entire project process, we created our own concept for a made-up car. This included designing moodboards, selecting colors and shapes, sketching wireframes, designing and animating various screen, and presenting and discussing our ideas.

The experience greatly helped us expanded our know-how of Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and After Effects. Just before half-time it was Christmas, which meant time for two especially extravagant, enthralling, fun and boozy Christmas parties, one in Berlin, one in Munich.

It was the perfect occasion to get to know co-workers in other offices. During the 3-course meal, at the open bar, on the dance floor, in the photo booth and sitting for the airbrush tattoo artists there was non-stop merriment in the air!

Things picked up where we left off in the new year, and we also acquired new tasks for internal and external projects. Then it was time for our first big meeting. What were we to expect? Everyone sitting on their seat with a pad of paper, pen and a glass of water, listening attentively to the monotone talks. Not at icon incar. Our meetings are fun. We might enjoy a Bavarian-style breakfast, a lunch by Ms Beck, candy, soft drinks, entertaining presentations and so many insightful business-related discussions. Team spirit presides over our meetings as much as in stressful moments or on long workdays.

Step-by-step we were trained on the job and were allowed to assume more and more responsibility. First for a few icons, then a few more icons, then for a small project for a client.

Time flew by with increasing speed and suddenly the weekend-long workshop, in collaboration with icon mobile, was knocking on our door. We had a great time listening in on interesting key talks and presentations. Many seized the opportunity to share their impressions, ideas and know-how with others. Everyone had access to the latest technological devices that the company works with; everyone had the chance to touch and try them.

The weekend certainly strengthened the term “icon family.” We laughed together, talked, told stories, shared experiences, saw familiar faces and got to know knew ones.


The Adventure continues

Ultimately, we have only positive things to say about our year as trainees. We experienced a lot, learned tons, grew older and more confident, and evolved as designers! As our traineeship comes to a close, we look forward to a new adventure as junior members of the icon incar team!