Applying to work here is simple. Here’s a brief overview of the five consecutive steps:

  1. You send your application via the form on our website (button below each job posting)
    Our first reaction is ‘Yay!’. After all, we like meeting new people! As a confirmation of receipt, you will directly get an auto reply. Shortly we then will get in touch with you in person. Please make sure you include a link to your work or a PDF with some work examples and your resume. And of course we are also interested in why you are applying at icon incar.

  2. Now the whole process is set in motion
    Markus and Amelie closely review your application and discuss it internally with our team leads. Our tip: It’s very helpful for us to see how awesome you are and what’s important to you at a glance. A few sentences about how and why you design, conceptualize or program gives us insight into how you think.

  3. We reach out and schedule a meeting
    As your personality is just as important to us as your professional know-how, we want to meet you in person as soon as possible. As soon as we have a positive agreement, we will contact you and schedule a first meeting at one of our studios.

  4. Our first in-person meeting: we try to convince you!
    Now the excitement really begins. We meet for the first time and try to convince you about what we do! Ultimately, you don’t know that much about icon incar because everything is so secretive – that’s also why we will have to subscribe a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we talk. 
Our meeting lasts for an hour or two and aims to give both you and us a good feeling. We will provide more details about our intentions and there will be time to discuss any requests or questions you have – and of course we are eager to learn more about your work and view on things. So please bring everything that is important to you and describes you and your past and future path.

  5. Our offer
    In any case we will get in touch with you a few days later. The ideal case is, that we invite you to a second meeting. Here we will discuss further details regarding your specific position and contractual items. As soon as we agree on everything, we will prepare a draft contract and send it over. We might have a phone once or twice to clarify any questions, but then everything should be in the bag!

In case none of our job postings really fit you, we are also happy to receive your unsolicited application!


We look forward to receiving your application and to giving you a closer look at our unique work!