There are many ways to start your career at icon incar. No matter your current level of know-how and professional aspirations, there’s a fascinating task for everyone.


As an intern, you have the chance to work alongside us in a wide range of departments, allowing you to test and expand your skills in different fields. We are well versed in various types of internships, though most interns are here to fulfill a semester-long internship requirement for their degree. Typically, we start by defining together where the focus should lie during your five months with us, in part so we can allocate the best-fit advisor during your time here. That said, it’s not unusual for synergies to arise between multiple departments, giving interns a chance to experience what we do up close. Often, an internship transform later on into a collaboration on a bachelor’s or master’s thesis or into a part-time student job.

Marcel, who absolved his internship semester with us and stayed afterwards as a working student, talks about his experiences here. Find out Nina’s perspective as an intern turned bachelor’s thesis collaborater here.

Thesis collaboration

In our experience, overseeing theses is always an interesting and worthwhile task. We gain fresh, new perspectives while students learn from our years of experience and broad skill sets. It’s a combination that results in countless opportunities for exciting projects. Got an idea for your bachelor’s or master’s theses that might fit how we think and work at icon incar? Whether design, concept, strategy, development or a combination thereof, we look forward to speaking with you and brainstorming ways we can work together on it.

Johannes wrote his master’s thesis with us. Read about his experiences here.


There are two main reasons why you might consider a traineeship with us. Maybe you have already gained some work experience in another sector and now you’d like to change career paths (for instance, print or product > digital). During a yearlong traineeship at icon incar, we work together to find out if changing gears makes sense, and if it’s truly what you want to do.

Or perhaps you just completed your studies in a related field – a bachelor’s in media design, for example – but you are still unsure in which direction you’d like to delve into deeper. In contrast to an entry-level role, as a trainee you are not fully staffed on projects with targets to reach, but rather have the chance to try out different areas, put your skills to the test and increase you know-how. After one year of doing so you’ll have a better idea of your own competencies as well as a real-life understanding of what it’s like to work here. This gives you a solid basis for taking the next step. A number of our employees followed this path before accepting a full-time position at our agency.

Here about it from two co-workers, Vanessa and Julia, who took the trainee to employee path.

Apprenticeships in Media Design

An apprenticeship gives you first-hand experience as you start down a design-oriented career path. It’s the best choice for people who prefer working hands-on to having their nose stuck in books. During an apprenticeship, your time at the agency is shared with a theoretical part at a trade school. In the second year, the number of days at school drops from two to one day per week. As a doer, the bulk of your day is spent learning through collaborating with us on everyday tasks. An apprenticeship typically lasts three years and ends by passing a final exam to become a media designer. This qualification and title is recognized industry-wide, and opens up a host of new opportunities. In the past, we enjoyed accompanying up-and-comers on their journey to becoming a designer, and sharing our expertise with them.

Jakob, our first-ever apprentice, shares his experiences here.

Co-operative education

As a student in a co-operative education program you get to dabble in everything, which allows you to have the most versatile and comprehensive experience. There are multiple co-operative education models to choose from, but the basic concept is that a student splits their time evenly between the company and university. This strikes a good balance between being involved in projects and obtaining a theoretical background at the university, and gaining hands-on experience at an organization. During your time at icon incar, we share knowledge with you and actively involve you in projects. Upon completing your bachelor’s degree, you have a good idea of what working is like in real life.

Robert chose to follow this path with us. Find out about his experience here.